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Christmas Wish 2013: Khemari

Christmas Wish 2013: Khemari

Dear Mark,

We are writing to you about a child that is near and dear to our hearts. Khe’Mari is a 4-year-old boy who was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in the spring. He is an outgoing, energetic and spunky child with the energy and fight of an adult. Khe’Mari has endured an operation to remove his tumor and a stem cell transplant. Throughout his two-month recovery, his mother, Bridgette, Aunt Helen and his grandmother were by his side. They held him close and prayed for a full recovery. His skin sloughed off and he had a lot of side effects, but this tough fighter has battled through this difficult time.

Following the transplant, part of Khe’Mari’s treatment was for him to receive daily radiation therapy sessions. Khe’Mari, Aunt Helen and Bridgette drove back and forth to Savannah daily from Baxley for his treatments. He enjoyed taking OUR blood pressure and oxygen levels as we sat on the stretcher for him to be the nurse. Upon recovery, he would sit and ask for his favorite soda and cookies. He loves CANDY! While waiting for his treatment he loves to play on Dr. Lytle’s taking pictures of us. I think he will be a photographer when he grows up because he is always shooting a picture of someone. He already has mastered the iPhone iPad and computer—at age four.

During his radiation therapy, Khe’Mari became so sick that he was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and put on a ventilator. There was family at the bedside keeping a vigil to make sure that he had someone there for him. Fortunately, his condition improved and he was sent home after three weeks. He will now come to the hospital every three weeks for his meds and surgeries.

Khe’mari loves action figures and would like to be Spiderman. He enjoys playing Spiderman games and dressing up like Spiderman with his brother, TJ, who is 2. Khe’Mari has a new baby sister and he got to pick her name. He is a fan of LSU football and thinks he is a true “tiger” fan. Grrrrrr! We know his family can use gas cards for the long and frequent visits to Memorial. They can also use help with toys for the kids and groceries.

Khe’Mari is a part of The Children’s Hospital family of oncology, pediatrics and sedation. Our bond with him is one of love that we share throughout The Children’s Hospital.


The Children’s Hospital Pediatric Sedation Team

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