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Christmas Wish 2013: Gabby

Christmas Wish 2013: Gabby

Dear Mark,

I would like to tell you about a special and sweet 9 year old young lady named Gabby. Gabby has Down syndrome and in September, 2011 she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Gabby’s 13 year old brother and 12 year old sister mean the world to her. Gabby is more concerned about everyone else’s wellbeing than her own. She often turns to her dad saying “Daddy, I love you” and giving her shy little smile and wave. Her parents say they are very blessed to have such a wonderful family that is so close.

Gabby’s battle with cancer is an uphill climb every day. In February her treatment was further complicated when Gabby had to be taken by emergency helicopter to the hospital because she was in liver and renal failure. Gabby spent 46 days in intensive care receiving dialysis and having to be put on a ventilator due to suddenly going into respiratory failure. When this happened her family’s world came crashing down. The family was separated by distance; Dad stayed at bedside and the rest of the family was 90 miles away at home. Visitation with siblings was difficult due to Gabby’s status in the ICU. Gabby eventually started to improve, but was still very weak and recovering.

Gabby is very outgoing and friendly. Her dad considers her a “bright light” in this world. She has touched many people with her story and strength. She loves the Disney Store and Toys R Us. She has asked Santa for a bicycle and a big wooden dollhouse. Her favorite color is blue. Her brother loves video games and her sister loves to do crafts. With limited income, I know that Mom and Dad would love to go to dinner at nice restaurant as a nice treat. And gift cards would also be helpful during this holiday season to give Gabby and her siblings a joyous holiday. I thank you and your listeners for listening to Gabby’s story and helping in any way they can.


Theresa Ryan, RN

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