Christmas Wish


Christmas Wish 2013: Cody

Christmas Wish 2013: Cody

Dear Mark,

Four and a half year old Cody is our superhero patient. Cody is diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. This type of illness is treated first with a very intense surgery, where they had to go into the abdomen area to remove it. He then gets many doses of chemotherapy to get rid of any residual tumor that may be left and try to make sure the cancer does not reoccur. Because of his intense procedures with many pokes and prods, Cody has a lot of anxiety and gets very upset and scared about having to get anything done. He even has a lot of nausea after his treatments, which make him not able to play. But on his better days he loves to run around the yard with his Great Dane Thor, named, of course, after one of the coolest superheroes!

One day while he was visiting the hospital, I met with him and he told me all about all the superheroes in the universe. Cody and I even worked on his own superhero costume during a chemo treatment. He made his own cape, mask and gloves. Cody was going to help kill all the bad germs so that no one had cancer. Cody’s family is very supportive and always by his side. Cody actually feels stronger when his family is near. His mom and dad are always there to help Cody get his superhero juice, which is actually chemo. Cody also has three sisters who love coming to support Cody at the hospital. They’re always busy making some type of craft for their brother to make him smile.

Cody loves any toys dealing with superheroes and also playing games. His sisters love making things like arts and crafts and playing games. Mom and Dad only want department store gift cards so they can provide a wonderful holiday dinner and presents under the tree. Thanks to all your listeners for helping our family in this time of need.


Kelley Cowan
Child Life Specialist
The Children’s Hospital at Memorial

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